(klua ther ruu)

Everytime I see you,I look at you as you don't notice my eyes
I am afraid that you also look at me
I turn away because I'm shy
I don't look at you straight, see you nor speak
Like I always avoid your eyes 

I wonder if you know where we met
It's hard for me to restrain myself
I must do something, it looks too strange like that
Though I want to go to say hello to you
Like others who are your friends
But I can't do it

  I am afraid that my eyes let you know
  That I still love you and love you so much
  I am afraid that my bearing shows my fear
  Even if I try to hide my love, I know I can't stop it.

No matter how the truth is, I understand it well
But I still think of you in my heart
I look at you and listen to you secretly
, because I am afraid
All I can do is to think of you only in my heart

Things you see, things like today
You have not known who I am, have you?




I tried to translate it into English this time.
The third album of Tong "333" is a good one. My most favorite one is
the last one "khwanriam". After her joining in Seven, the world of her singing
has been larger, I think. In this song, she is singing sensitive feeling of girls.
"I am afraid that you know that I love you. So I just look at you as you
don't notice that I love you. But also I know that I can't hide it. Do you know it?"
You don't know that I love you.....
Eyes and bearing talks much more than anything...
I'm afraid that you know that I love you, but I want you to know that at the
same time. Have you felt like this?

Thanks a lot to Marek and his girl friend in Poland for letting me have
an opportunity to translate this song. I hope both of you like this. --kasuke--