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29th May, 2000 
31th May, 2000 
1st June, 2000 
2nd June, 2000 
4th June, 2000 
7th June, 2000 
8th June, 2000 
13th June, 2000 
16th June, 2000 
20th June, 2000 
22th June, 2000 
26th June, 2000 
15th July, 2000 
30th July, 2000 
6th Sep, 2000 
7th Sep, 2000 
9th Nov, 2000 
8th Dec, 2000 
9th Dec, 2000 
25th Dec, 2000 
Departure, to Ho Chi Min in Vietnam
Sinh Cafe Tour, to Cu Chi Tunnels
Sinh Cafe Tour, to My Tho (Mekong Delta)
Resort, to Mui Ne Beach (Phan Thiet)
Back to Ho Chi Min City
Stop over, at Seoul
Return to Osaka
Build up, vietnam*D: COVER + ENTER
Oh my God!  Hus has caught a viet viet fever
Build up, 1st day: Wing, that is..... (jp)
Build up, 2nd day: I'm KIMUTAKU in Saigon (jp)
Build up, 3rd day: Cu Chi Tunnel Tour (jp)
Build up, 4, 5th day: Mekong Delta, Mui Ne (jp)
Build up, 6th day: Mother in Vietnam(^_^) (jp)
Build up, 7th day: Durian Gentleman (jp)
Build up, 1st day: Wing, that is..... (en)
Build up, 8th day: Night in Vietnam..... (jp)
Build up, 9th day: To Cho Lon, in no time... (jp)
Build up, vietnam*D: FLASH STAGE
Build up, Korean: Mihyan+Yumi, Hoejong (jp)
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